Why try to look like someone else when you can shine as YOU!! We are a collective of people who has a passion for hair, a love for people and most importantly, we care!! A lot!! Have you ever heard the expression: It's just hair!! Well, although it something some people say, we know that it's not just hair! It's the piece of your look that you don't get to take off when you just don't feel like it. It's the one thing about your physique that people will use first to describe you. It is the piece of fashion you can't put back in the closet when it goes out of style!

It matters and we get it! The great thing about hair is that it can show your true self in just one look. From bold to natural, from simple to eccentric, your hair can be the statement you are trying to make about who you are! We are all different and have different needs and we can customize a hair plan that fit what you want to expose to the world. 

Our Story

As long as I can remember, I always wanted to open my own business one day. Not to say that I am the Owner of so and so.... but mostly because I truly cared about creating an environment where people would love to come in and spend time there. Also to lead other individuals to unleash their real potential as hairstylists and generally "kick ass" in the industry!

We have a "Good Vibes Only" policy and that is very important to us! Have you ever worked somewhere and you knew that everyone around you would have prefer to work or be somewhere else? Isn't it depressing!? We love what we do and we want to get up every day happy to open the doors of the salon and have you over for an hour or two (or more sometimes) to create some awesome looks!


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Our Mentality

Good Vibes Only but also Good Hair Only!! We know you like to change your hair!! We do too!!! As much as we love creating awesome looks every appointments, we also like your hair attached and growing!! That means that if it is our professional opinion that a certain service should not be provided, we don't do it!! That also means that certain hair colours/styles require a lot of maintenance, if you won't commit to the maintenance, we might refuse to do it as well.

Hair colour only looks good when the hair is in decent shape. So if we recommend you treat it, lower the heat of your flat iron or let it air dry sometimes, it is because we have some concerns. We don't do it to annoy you or to sell you something, we do it because we know what your needs are and we can't provide certain results without your collaboration! After all, we are beauticians, not magicians!