To understand how booking appointments work in our salon and our price list, read this…

A- A blowout or a cut is not included in your color service, you need to book for your after service after your color.

B- Online booking is convenient, but not as precise as a human booking you. If you are not sure what you want or what you should book for. If you are aware you want a change or you know you have a fine/very thick/particular hair type. Text us, call us, that way we are sure we have the proper timing for you.

C- When booking online, you will receive an email saying that you are waiting for confirmation from us. It is just to make sure that the timing works out for what you are requesting. We confirm super quickly.

D- Our prices are mostly decided with time/product cost. Not everyone’s head of hair requires the same amount of time nor technique. Here are the usual times and prices we keep for most services we offer. 

E- We consult before any service we offer. Prices can change depending of the work required. If there is a change from base prices anticipated, higher or lower, we will advise you before starting. 

F- We will not proceed to do a service if it is our professional opinion that the hair cannot take it. Haircolor only looks good when the hair is attached and decently healthy. 


Cut and Style (most length) 75 to 80$

Cut and Style (very short hair) 55 to 60$

Cut and Style (extra thick/ extra long hair) 85 to 90$

Dusting Long Hair (on clean and blown out hair) 55 to 60$


Wash and Style (45 min max) 50$

Wash, Style, Curl/Iron 55$ to 70$

Wash and Style with Hair Extensions 75 to 90$

Up Style (30 min max) 65$

Up Style (30 min to 1 hour) 100$

Bridal 125$ to 200$


Balayage//Ombre 230$

Highlights Partial 170$

Highlights Full 210$

Bleach and Tone (5 weeks regrowth max) 150$

Bleach and Tone (6 weeks regrowth or more) 250$

Glaze only (tone in between lightening visits): 60$


Root Touch Up (less then 1 inch) 90$

Full Color 110$ to 120$

Creative Color Application 120$

Color Correction 130$ per hour

Very short hair grey blending 40$


Hair Filler Treatment (Botox for hair) 49$/vial

Bonding Treatment 35 to 45$

Strengthening//Moisturizing Treatment 20$

Cuticules Smoothing and Strengthening 60$

Hair Reset Treatment (recommended 2 to 4 times/year) 100$


Upon consultation

*Our guest’s satisfaction is a priority and we are happy to discuss any concerns you may have during our consultations and find hair solutions for your needs. However, a service is not like a t-shirt you can return in a store. Any concerns must be spoken during your appointment so we can help you with them. No refund will be issued after a transaction was completed and no “free” redo will be done if we did what was discussed in the consultation.

*24 hour notice for cancellation is required to avoid a 50% fee of service booked in order to be able to rebook a new appointment. No shows and cancellations within the hour of the appointment will be required to pay for the full service.